Image of youth baseball parents

Discover The Secrets Which Professional Baseball Veterans Tell Their Friends Who Are Youth Baseball Parents

Dear Baseball Parent:

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could completely enjoy your time as a youth baseball parent?!?

Imagine that your child gets to play the appropriate amount of playing time, the kids on the team are enthusiastic and emotionally committed to winning, you get the most amount out of your baseball instruction for your money, and you know that you have instilled the traits and values which coaches and pro scouts look for in young players.

Imagine if you could deal with unruly parents from the other team, easily help your child overcome being nervous when at the plate, and know how to use baseball to teach life lessons and improve grades.  

And you even can use the team's website to help offset some team expenses!

This would be a wonderful scenario!

Of course, you're intelligent enough to know that youth baseball is filled with obstacles to preventing that type of scenario from happening.  Politics, overpriced (and possibly counterproductive) instruction, favoritism, and bad umpiring are just some of the challenges which you and your child may face.  

Additionally, some kids not only drop out of baseball due to these situations, they actually even harbor resentment against exercise AND their parents for years to come.

Talk about everything which baseball should NOT be!

There Is A Way To Reduce Many Of These Youth Baseball Challenges

You probably know all of the stereotypes of youth baseball parents:  living their dreams through their kids, yelling and belittling their kids when they strike out, willing to fight the umpire after a game if a bad call was made, and on and on.  

Now I would like to help you experience the scenario you read about earlier.  If you are a first-time parent in the youth baseball leagues, chances are that you do not have a mentor to teach you how to actually enjoy your time with the sport. 

What if you had the advice and wisdom of people who have actual experience in the youth leagues AND decades of experience in professional baseball?

Image of Youth Baseball player and parent

Have you had the opportunity to speak with a professional baseball manager, GM, player, or front office person about how YOU can thoroughly enjoy your time better as a youth league parent? 

Many parents, when they get a chance to meet such a person, get so wrapped up in meeting someone involved with professional baseball that they forget to get answers to their deepest questions and concerns.

Well, now you have the opportunity to get the EXACT same advice professional baseball men, who also have worked extensively with youth baseball, give to their closest friends!

Imagine having the collective wisdom of over 35 years of professional baseball playing, managing, and front office experience guiding you to prevent many of the challenges which repeatedly plague youth baseball parents all around the country, year after year.

Something Youth Baseball Parents Fail To Realize About Professional Baseball

What many youth league parents fail to understand is that professional baseball guys talk to
fans, booster club members, civic leaders, and sponsors during the season.  Regardless of
where we play around North America, we keep hearing many of the same complaints and
concerns year after year. 

Of course, we try to help as best as we can; but we oftentimes talk
privately among ourselves and wonder aloud how youth league parents keep making the same mistakes over and over again!

And we feel as if we are repeating ourselves, giving the same advice year after year... especially since it is good advice!

“Excellent and informative information that will help me with the ins and outs of the entire baseball experience. Without your information I would be lost.”

- Alex R. (Waco, TX)

I was talking about this situation with two professional baseball guys I trust.  We all complained that hundreds of parents fail to prepare for their experiences in youth baseball. 

We also were irritated that so many good parents just don't have the skills to thwart the politics, favoritism, and other negative factors which are rampant in the youth leagues.

So I decided to do something about it!

This Is Not Just "More Of The Same" Youth Baseball Drills Or Lesson Instructions!

What I chose to do was to FINALLY compile relevant advice designed for YOU, the parent!

There appear to be hundreds of pieces of training equipment and worthwhile youth baseall drills.  There are instructional DVD's to help your child play better at a certain position or learn how to bat or learn how to throw better. 

This is not another "rehashed" attempt at teaching your kid to become a better player!

Instead, I decided to help YOU, the parent, have the education you need by giving you the advice that professional baseball guys give their closest friends starting out in youth baseball.

Who Am I And Why Should You Even Pay Attention To What I Say?

My name is Matt Mc Dermott and I have been involved in professional baseball for 5 years as
a catcher, bullpen catcher, assistant general manager, director of sales, public address
announcer, league statistician, and team media relations director. 

But my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE times were when I conducted post-game lessons to kids after home games.

Here are just some of the pictures of my favorite times in professional baseball:


After many of the post-game lessons I would talk with the parents.  They told me about their headaches and challenges with youth baseball. 

Motivated to do something about these challenges, I decided to record inteviews with my two respected professional baseball friends about the advice they have given youth league parents -- advice which has worked year after year!

Take Your Youth Baseball Parenting To The Next Level With Veteran Professional Baseball Advice

Here is a quick background on these two gentlemen:
  • Combined over 35 years in professional baseball
  • Professional baseball managerial experience, as high as Triple-A (AAA)
  • Professional baseball general manager experience
  • Coached youth baseball from Little League all the way to high school:  spring, summer, and fall
  • Professional baseball coaching experience
  • Managed or coached over 20 players with Major League experience
  • Both were drafted by Major League teams
  • Much more
The best part is that when they are involved with youth baseball, they GENUINELY want the kids to improve and help the parents.  They are way beyond favoritism, trying to live out their own missed dreams through the kids, or any other negative factor.  

All they want is to pass on what they have learned because they genuinely love the sport of baseball!

Here Is Just A Small Sample Of What You Will Discover When You Read The Youth Baseball Parents E-book And Listen To The Accompanying Audio (MP3) Files:

  • How to increase the safety of the children by reducing inadvertent safety risks.  You would be surprised at how many parents make accidental safety risks!!
  • How to identify YOUR real underlying emotions... as well as those of other parents!  The best part is that you can find out in three simple questions which take less than 2 minutes
  • How to attract more sponsors to support your youth baseball team
  • How to reduce the chances of "favoritism" occuring on your team.  
  • How to make sure that you are getting the most for your money when you hire a private baseball instructor
  • How you possibly can offset some team expenses with your team's website
  • How to help your child get ready for his or her first tournament if you cannot attend it
  • How to help your child overcome the heartache of being called out on strikes due to a bad call by the umpire
  • What costs are involved in youth baseball... including the "hidden" costs!
  • How to use baseball as a teaching lesson about life
  • How to handle the dinner conversation if your child's favorite player gets in trouble and the media is all over it
  • How to help your child emulate the GOOD habits of his or her favorite baseball player... and how to stay away from emulating that player's bad habits
  • How to develop the traits and values which college coaches and professional general managers seek in their "ideal" ballplayers.  You can affect your child's future even at this early of an age!
  • How to help your child if he is "starting late" by finally playing baseball at age 10 or 11
  • How to help your child overcome slumps
  • How to act as a parent if one child wants to play sports and the other(s) does not
  • What to do as a parent if you have never played baseball yourself!
  • And much, much more!

While we are certain that you will love what you discover in the e-book and audio files, we still recognize that there are other subjects we recommend which require more detail.  

Instead of leaving you "out in the cold" we chose to add some extras to explain more of the "how-to" aspects of these non-baseball recommendations.


Here Are Your Bonuses:

Bonus # 1:  How To Write Press Releases (Value $19.95)

If you want to help your child's youth baseball team increase its publicity in the local media, then learn how to write a solid press release. From there, you need to know to whom you should send it.  This free bonus explains everything you need to get started!

Bonus # 2:  Avoiding Procrastination (Value $19.95)

If you have just recently become a youth baseball parent, you might feel a little overwhelmed due to the travel, the number of tournamants, practices, instruction lessons, and so on!  Chances are that you may have put some of YOUR life on the "back burner" in order for your child to enjoy his or her time in the sport.  Here are some tips for you to avoid procrastinating on what is important in YOUR life!

We remind frustrated youth league parents - whenever they bring the subject up to us - that they need to stay on top of their lives in order to give their child enjoyable experiences in youth sports.  Hopefully you will find some of these tips to be useful.

While we would like to think that this information is invaluable to helping you and your child enjoy youth baseball more, it is possible that you might not agree.  If that is the case, you will receive a 100%, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

If you find zero benefit from Youth Baseball Parents then I will gladly refund your money.

You have nothing to lose!

100% Satisfaction-Guaranteed , Money Back Guarantee

If you follow the recommendations and do not make progress within 8 weeks, then you are welcome to return the e-book for a full money-back refund.   In addition, the refund process is handled by Clickbank - the 3rd party retailier - so that you have extra assurance that your guarantee is honored.

Unlike most youth baseball instruction, Youth Baseball Parents requires zero special equipment or payment for advanced baseball lessons.  Your total investment for all of the insights, advice, and extras is a mere $19.  The best part is that you have 8 weeks to try out the information for yourself!

Since you will get the expert information and extra reports directly from the internet, I will not have to handle orders, package the information, or go to the post office to ship something to you.  You get the information you need IMMEDIATELY.  In a few minutes you can have nearly 40 years of combined professional baseball advice guiding you to help your family have a wonderful time in youth baseball.

Imagine how happy you will feel when you see your child truly enjoying his or her experience. Even better, there is minimal "drama" from other parents, you received the best private instruction lessons for your money, your child is confident in pressure situations, and you know that you are promoting the values for which youth baseball truly represent!

It's easy to get started right away.  Just click the link below, even if it is 3:00 in the morning!

Your Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

 I am receiving Youth Baseball Parents and all of the listed bonuses:

  • How To Write Press Releases
  • Avoid Procrastination
  • Reports On Helping The Team's Website Make Money For The Team

  I have a 100%, satisfaction-guaranteed, money-back guarantee which is backed by Clickbank, the 3rd-party digital retailer

I am getting a copy of the Youth Baseball Parents ebook and bonuses for only $19 (USD).  I can make this investment in my child's future, using Clickbank's secure servers, with any major credit card, PayPal, or E-check by clicking either link:


You can mail in your order, if you wish, by using the mailing address at the bottom of the page 

For less than the HALF the average cost of just ONE private baseball lesson, which actually could be counterproductive for your child, you will have the advice of professional baseball men who want nothing more than for you and your child to enjoy your time in the youth leagues.   

By taking action you will have the information to make your next few years enjoyable and give your child the best odds of succeeding in baseball for many years to come.

Thank you, and best wishes for your child this upcoming season.


Matt Mc Dermott

P.S.  Why deal with the same struggles and headaches which youth baseball parents share around the country, year after year?  Take the one little action today which will help you sleep better at night knowing you invested in yourself so that your child can have the best experience possible in youth sports!

P.P.S.  If you are not ready for the product yet then at least get a free report on how to discover how to help your child overcome being nervous when batting.  The best part is that it is no-cost and easy enough for any child to do!  Put your e-mail address here and get your report sent to you right away:, PO Box 2384, Addison TX 75001  (214) 335-5348

info (at)

Copyright 2009  All Rights Reserved.

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